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Make Your Writing Magnetic with These Simple Copywriting Tweaks

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Hone Your Message. Step Into Your Power.

As a coach and healer, you need a special type of copy. Copy that leads from the heart and that brings in the dreamiest of clients.

When this happens, your words play matchmaker with those you're meant to serve.

3 Simple Modules to Help You Improve Your Copywriting

Brand Voice

Learn how to nail down your brand voice, how to stand out with your words, and the secret to the, "I feel like I've known you forever!" effect 


Get clear on what you need to know about your audience's psychology to write magnetic copy. No avatars regured.


Learn super simple, but powerful, copywriting tricks that you can apply to your copy right away.

No More Staring at a Blinking Curser

Are you a coach or healer who feels in your heart you’ve got something to offer, and you’re on the right path, but the clients and money Are. Just. Not. Flowing?

No more confusion about how to create a powerful message. No more wondering where to start. And no frustration because your words feel just out of reach.

The Brains Behind this Operation

Hey, Love! I'm Jackie. I'm the founder of Your Words Electric, a brand dedicated to helping coaches and healers use their copy to increase conversions and lead from the heart.

I have a degree in English and a master's in psychology, with a handful of professional writing experience under my belt. 

When not writing, I'm studying astrology, practicing Reiki, and likely getting too excited by a cat walking by. 

So helpful!

"This challenge was so helpful. It helped me grow and approach copywriting differently. Thank you so much for all the really helpful tips."

- Amira Mhenni

Jackie Can Help.

"If you’re looking for assistance clearly communicating a message, targeting the people your heart most longs to serve or just becoming a better writer, Jackie can help."

- Sarah Moore

Simple Daily Copywriting Tweaks to Make Your Writing Magnetic