Copy Coaching

Get Copy Confidence 

Writing Support for Entrepreneurs Ready to Step Into Their Voice

The amount of writing you have to do for your business is no joke. Instagram posts, about pages, sales pages, landing pages, blog posts, newsletters, Facebook name it. It's a lot. 

And without clear messaging, all that writing and hard work leads to crickets.

When you come into alignment with your message and unique voice, you come into alignment with your power.

  It’s what attracts those you’re meant to serve.  

It’s what builds both your income and community.  

It’s what expands you into who you’re meant to be.  

Ultimately, it's what brings direction and clarity to all your writing moving forward--making the writing process soooo much easier. 

I’m excited to introduce the Copy Coaching Package. A service designed to help you nail your messaging, find your voice, and put what's on your heart into words. 

Overall, this will help you:

  • Get clear on your message--the one that comes from your depths and sets you apart. 
  • Create copy and marketing materials that convert.
  • Write content that speaks directly to your dreamiest of clients.
  • Feel a deep sense of allowing and connection to the words wanting to come through you.
  • Know your truth and how to speak it confidently.
  • Create a content strategy that builds community and drives sales.
  • Define your style and creative voice.  

This is for the healers, coaches, and creative side-hustlers who are stepping into their sovereignty, building their businesses, and needing some guidance navigating their copywriting and messaging.  

I’m Jackie, your guide through this process.  

I’m here to help you discover the wisdom that’s already inside you.  

To offer support with your writing.  

To give you the skills to write copy that feels like a homecoming to your ideal clients.  

With a BA in English, a MA in depth psychology, plus a bunch of professional writing experience under my belt, I'm excited to help you hone your writing skills and get clear on how to put the magic of who you are into words.  

I've written for newspapers, The Huffington Post, Elephant Journal and more.  

When not writing, I'm traveling, studying astrology, practicing reiki, snuggling my dog, Gary, whiping up some version of potatoes with cashew cheeze drizzle, or watching a current Netflix obsession (anyone else in love with The Great Brittish Baking Show and Queer Eye??).

Your Message Can Create a Movement

The process of writing copy is so much more than putting words to paper. We are being asked to step into truths, to face our resistence, to claim our power and voice. This is why having a guide can be so helpful. When we try to do all this on our own, it's easy to get stuck or stall out. 

The Copy Coaching Package

  • 6 one hour coaching sessions (one every other week) 
  • 2x per week email support
  • Resources and templates to help you write your copy
  • Guided meditations and exercises to help you get to the heart of what you’re here to share
  • Feedback on your writing. (No red pens here, just constructive and strength-based feedback to help your voice and message shine).


What happens when you click:  

You’ll be taken directly to my calendar to schedule a free 30 minute call. We’ll chat to make sure this feels like a good fit. From there, we’ll settle logistics and schedule our calls. You’ll receive welcome materials with everything you need to know to get started. We’ll then start our journey together.

"Jackie is a gifted writer and a talented coach. I highly recommend working with her!" Danielle Polgar, Astrologer

Who's this For?

Women who are hungry to feel deep alignment with their souls calling, with their message, and the work they are here to share with the world.

Women who are ready to revamp their copy so it sells and connects.

Women who want to feel more confident writing their own own. 

Women who want to grow their businesses, increase their impact, and contribute in bigger ways.  

When we skip clarifying our message and voice, or hold off on giving it focused attention, our copy doesn’t have the impact it can. 

We’re left unsure what to share, or how to do so. 

Our ideas can feel exciting but also disjointed.

We miss opportunities with the right people. 

We dance around the power of who we are. 

The time you spend getting clarity on your message, and setting a foundation for your copywriting, is an investment in the health and vitality your business, but also your life. 

You go from contraction to expansion around your writing.

You feel deep alignment with how you're here to contribute to the greater healing of the world through your work.

You have more money flowing to travel, get that pair of shoes you've been eying, or go on that yoga retreat that feels so luxiourous. 

You become a vessle to be of service, and for the right words to dance through you.

"Jackie is the best marketing writer I’ve found. I love how she can bring the right attitude and voice to my copy even though I can only give her the big idea—she always finds just the right words! Plus, she’s easy-breezy to work with, reliable and even has a sense of humor. Love her!"  

Linda Basso, Marketing Coach

Your Message is Your Superpower. Let’s Tap Into Yours.


“Before working with Jackie, I was writing a lot but I struggled to get my messages across to my audience in an engaging and clear way. Jackie allowed me to see how I could improve my articles so that I could be published on a variety of online communities. Through working with her, I have been able to have my articles published for two large online communities with more in progress. If you are seeking to improve your writing in any way, Jackie is your go-to gal. She will help you transform your writing skills so you can achieve your goals.”  

Jennifer Twardowski, Coach