Clarify Your Message

Master Your Message

Grow Your Business. Increase Your Impact. Get Copy Confidence.

The amount of writing you have to do for your business is no joke. Instagram posts, about pages, sales pages, landing pages, blog posts, newsletters, Facebook name it. It's a lot. 

Which is why clarifying, refining, and giving your messaging some love is so important. Without a clear message, and strategy behind it, all that hard work (and money) leaves you hearing crickets.

When you get clear on your message, you align with your power. 

Your message is what attracts those you’re meant to serve.  

It’s what builds both your income and community. 

It's what brings direction and clarity to all your writing moving forward--making the writing process soooo much easier and breezier. 

I’m excited to offer messaging support to help you nail your messaging so clients fall head over heels with your brand.

Overall, this will help you:

  • Get clear and focused with your message.
  • Create copy and marketing materials that convert.
  • Write content that speaks directly to your dreamiest of clients.
  • Know how to speak about what you do with clarity and confidence. 
  • Create a content strategy that builds community and drives sales. 

Hey there! I'm Jackie Johansen, a copywriter and messaging strategist for people who want want to grow their businesses and increase their income and impact.

I'm all about clarifying your message so it resonates with the right folks, and draws them in--all because it's clear, focused, and spoken from the heart.

Not to brag but my writing has been featured on The Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, The Yoga Blog and more. 

One of my clients called me the “word whiz,” and another said I'm the best marketing writer she’s found. 

When I'm not exploring all things copy and messaging, I'm snuggling my German Shepherd, Gary (who thinks he's a cat), veganizing my favorite comfort food (stroganoff, holla!), or scrolling through Pinterest--planning my next international adventure (Greek Islands, I'm coming for you). 

P.S. have you been? I want to hear all the things.

Your Message Can Create a Movement

“Before working with Jackie, I was writing a lot but I struggled to get my messages across to my audience in an engaging and clear way. Jackie allowed me to see how I could improve my articles so that I could be published on a variety of online communities. Through working with her, I have been able to have my articles published for two large online communities with more in progress. If you are seeking to improve your writing in any way, Jackie is your go-to gal. She will help you transform your writing skills so you can achieve your goals.”  

Jennifer Twardowski, Coach

Who's this For?

This is for the healers, coaches, and creative side-hustlers who are building their businesses but have plateued a bit. 

They know their buisnesses can be so much more, and they are ready for the challenge. 

Messaging Coaching

1. Click below to schedule a free 30 minute call. We'll talk about your business and your goals.

2. I'll create a personalized proposal based on your specific needs. 

3. Together we'll implement the plan. 


"Jackie is a gifted writer and a talented coach. I highly recommend working with her!" 

Danielle Polgar, Astrologer

Your message is the key to everything. That sounds dramatic, but it's true! At least when it comes to growing your business.

When we skip clarifying it, our copy falls flat and leaves money at the door. 

We’re left unsure what to share, or how to do so. 

Our ideas feel exciting but also so all over the place--creating brand confusion.

We miss opportunities with the right people. 

We dance around the power of who we are. 

Getting clear on your message is not just an investment in the health and vitality your business, but also your life. 

  • You go from contraction to expansion when you go to write.
  • You feel deep alignment with your gifts and what you're here to contribute.
  • You have more money flowing to travel, get that pair of shoes you've been eyeing, or go on that yoga retreat that feels oh so luxiourous (P.S. can I come?).
  • You become a vessle to be of service, and for the right words to dance through you.

"Jackie is the best marketing writer I’ve found. I love how she can bring the right attitude and voice to my copy even though I can only give her the big idea—she always finds just the right words! Plus, she’s easy-breezy to work with, reliable and even has a sense of humor. Love her!" 

Linda Basso, Marketing Coach

Your Message is Your Superpower

1. Click below to schedule a free 30 call. We'll talk about your business and your goals.  

2. I'll create a personalized proposal based on your specific needs.  

3. Together we'll implement the plan.